Rocky road

Okay, so I have made rocky road a few times and I absolutely love it. Its such a good treat and is so easy to make. It also doesn’t take long to make at all. But mainly is tastes amazing.

But before we start I would just like to announce that I have made my own instagram for this blog. YAY! Its @theblueeyedbakr. Follow me to keep updated on my latest blog posts. Now back to the recipe!


Ingredients- 225g of milk chocolate, 4 handfuls of mini marshmallows, 18 digestive biscuits (you can use chocolate covered digestive biscuits if you want- I did), raisins-optional (I didn’t use them).



1. Break up the 225g of chocolate and place it into a microwave safe bowl.

2. In a large ziplock bag put the biscuits in and hit them with a rolling pin until they are crushed (you don”t need to completely crush them).

3. Set the biscuits aside, then put the large microwave safe bowl, with the chocolate in it, into the microwave 800W for 1 minute stirring the mixture every 30 seconds until its completely melted.

4. Next add the crushed biscuits and marshmallows to the melted chocolate and stir.

5. Stir until most of the biscuit crumbs are completely covered in chocolate.

6. Place the mixture into a container ready for it to setIMG_6852

7. Then put the container with the mixture into the fridge to harden. I left mine in the fridge over night but it will probably be ready after 3-4 hours.


Now you know how to make easy and delicious rocky road. Comment below if you make these, or tag me on your instagram post of them.


Thanks for reading! Goodbye for now.

The Blue Eyed Baker 🙂


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